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Paving the way for Melbourne homes and businesses

In 2009 two of Victoria’s most renowned concreting businesses joined forces to ensure quality work for an ever increasing clientele.

Con Valenti Paving and Broadmeadows Paving have been providing Victorians with quality concrete paving solutions for over 40 years. Now, its second generation (both sons from the two companies) continue serving our clients under Valenti Group Aust.  

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Our Concreting Services include:

Exposed Aggregate

A durable, non-slip concrete option perfect for stylish driveways, steps and good looking outdoor entertaining areas.

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Plain & Coloured Concrete 

A simple, versatile concrete option that is affordable, durable, and low maintenace. We have a great range of colours to choose for your next concrete work.

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Crossovers & Footpaths 

We provide first class crossovers and footpaths for residential, commercial and industrial projects that meet your council safety and quality standards from the start.

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Car parks need to have a specific quality and strength due to the constant traffic of vehicles. We have extensive experience in car park construction for residential complexes, sports facilities, schools and commercial spaces.

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Our innovative design, sturdy structure and experience workmanship guarantee high quality concrete steps that are safe, useful and attractive for any residential and commercial property.

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Permeable Paving 

Permeable paving is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional concrete that also works as a natural drainage. An attractive, versatile, low maintenance, durable and sustainable solution for your next concrete work.

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Residential Driveways

We have paved thousands of driveways for our clients around Victoria, adding value to their properties. Choose from our  exposed aggregate, permeable paving, plain/coloured concrete options.

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Commercial & Garage Floors

We plan, install and cure your garage concrete floor to make sure it provides crack-free performace over the years, under the thoughest conditions. We can also turn your dusty, plain looking garage into a nicer and funcional space in your home.

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Stenciling Concrete

Stenciling Concrete is a flexible and cost effective solution to embellish your concrete floors. With multiple options of colours and finishes, it gives a decorative touch that is perfect for outdoor areas, patios, driveways and pathways.

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Retaining Walls

Designing and building concrete retaining walls require meticulous methods and structural requirements where aspects, like drainage, are important to prevent retaining wall failure or damage. Decades of expertise guarantee your landscaping project is a long lasting investment.

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Slate Impression

Slate Impression Concrete is low maintenance and easy to clean. It adds an elegant aspect to any area of your home. It recreates other materials like wood, brick and stone, giving texture and depth to your floors.

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Our experienced and dedicated team

Valenti Group Aust are your go to crew for residential, commercial concrete paving or anything in between.

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We pride ourselves on:

High Quality Results

We always aim to see you smile when our concrete work is finished.

Honest Service

Your best interest is always our biggest priority.

High Quality Workmanship

A dedicated and experienced team that will always deliver.

Timely completion of all our work

We will always deliver your concrete work when we promised.

Attention to detail

We are craftsmen who pay attention to the little aspects that make your concrete project standout.

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